“… without my willingness to do all other phases of theatre work, there would be no theatre for me to act in.”

Horrah for so many new site visitors! Hope you’re having fun. If you  haven’t read it yet, we have announced our new upcoming show! It is The Shape of Things by Neil Labute and has an incredible gang working on it! Click here to see the details, and you can rsvp on our facebook event page too (bring that friend out to see it!)

We just stumbled along a great page from LA Stage Times website, thanks to fellow theatre artist and professor, Jamie Skidmoore. Tony-nominated actor, the late Kathleen Freeman, had a  Code of Ethics for Theatre Workers found in her documents after she passed away. The code is truly amazing and a wonderful list to live by as a theatre artists, regardless of your experience or background.

“(The code of ethics) was written in 1945 when Kathleen was establishing one of the first small theatres in Los Angeles and she was 24 years old. I wish I had been told some of ‘the rules’ when I was a young actress instead of having to pick them up as I went along.” (Equity Councillor Jane A. Johnston)

Please visit the link above for the code and give it a read. It really struck home for us here at EP, especially another quote from Freeman herself:

 “I understand that membership in the Circle Theatre entitles me to the privilege of working, when I am so assigned, in any of the phases of a production, including: props, lights, sound, construction, house management, box office, publicity and stage managing-as well as acting. I realize it is possible I may not be cast in a part for many months, but I will not allow this to dampen my enthusiasm or desire to work, since I realize without my willingness to do all other phases of theatre work, there would be no theatre for me to act in.
(Kathleen Freeman)

Inspiring work as we go into rehearsals for our next show. Hope it serves you all well too! Let’s help one another out and always approach our art with respect, hard work, and pride!


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