Below is a quote from Sheilagh O’Leary, artist and St. John’s city councillor. Many thanks to her and the City of St. John’s for this really great news regarding an increase to art project funding! Sheilagh is right- ADVOCACY AND PERSISTENCE WORK! Let your city and government know this! The Shape of Things was graciously given some funding from an arts grant the city. Hope we see some council members there!


After extensive lobbying with members of or Arts Advisory Committee for an increase in arts project funding at the City of St. John’s, I successfully won my motion in Council’s deliberation.

Council has now agreed to an extra $0.50 per capita =
$1.50/capita for 2012, with an increase to $1.75 per capita in 2013 and to $2.00 per capita in 2014.

As one of North America’s most vibrant cultural communities, I am am a firm believer that we need to support our dynamic cultural and creative economy producers, if we are to be successful on the International stage.


Arts Project Funding Increase in St. John’s

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2 thoughts on “Arts Project Funding Increase in St. John’s

  1. Bob says:


    Good to hear!

  2. Thanks! It’s great news for the province and all of it’s artists’ and for the people here in general!

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