Summer Update!

You got sunburns, freckles, went swimming, camping, and some of you are back to school or returning home from summer stock theatre. Congrats! We’re approaching Fall, and EP wanted to congratulate everyone who rocked the summer theatre festivals this year, those who produced their own work here in town and elsewhere– Shakespeare by the Sea, Graveyard Shift Productions, Black Bag Media Collective (rockcanrollrecords), white rooster theatre, our queer theatre fest and more! It’s really exciting to see new work being produced, and there have been a TON of great independent films coming out too! There are also a few big features being filmed here, such as The Grand Seduction which has helped Trinity and area to be a buzz this season too! Of course, Republic of Doyle is kicking butt filming their fourth season in St. John’s, plus Best Boy Entertainment have been filming tons. People are busy and we hope that the summer didn’t go by too fast and that you were able to take some of it in!

If you do feel like you missed out, you can see many of your favourite actors in Beat Down which is now playing at Empire Cinemas across Atlantic Canada- directed by one of our favourites, Deanne Foley! Also, our friends at c2c theatre are celebrating their 10th anniversary this Fall with the opening of Parlour Song, September 14-23.

Okay, lots of love and excitement to all of you creating and enjoying the diverse work in the arts in NL. Also, take note that EP has some treats coming your way soon, as we have several projects in the works for you! More news soon!


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