Here we go, 2013!

So, welcome! We’ve not been the best at updating these days, but the new year has been a fast-paced one, but exciting none the less. We are in the planning stages of another theatre show PLUS all super amped for the 2nd Annual Queer Theatre Festival! Oh yes! It’s ago for this year Pride’s Week! We’re busy getting the ball rolling on projects, and are excited for our upcoming fundraiser!

We invite you to join us at our favourite bar, The Levee, March 28 at 10:30pm for an awesome night of wicked music, freshly baked sale, hot pizza, 3 for $5 beer and shenanigans! As always, it’s gonna be a laugh and every bit of support is always appreciated. Plus, we miss your faces and would love for you to come out and say hi!  The lineup for the night includes  One Night Band (Kim Drake, Meg Farrell & Mike Hickey), the talented Avalon Stanley, A Tribute to Dr Dog (Evan Mercer, Tristan Woodworth-Lynas, Brad Mercer, Leon White & Nick Giles) and The Beer Patrice. You can rsvp at our facebook page!

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