About EP!

engine productions:
a company created for and by artists to explore and make art, embracing the power of sharing stories from a grassroots level upward; an “engine of change.”

Based in theatre and embracing an array of performance style and art disciplines (dance, visual, film and so on) Engine Productions serves as a vessel for both emerging and established professional artists to develop and convert ideas into action. Focusing first and foremost on creation and not dollars, we want to inspire and help facilitate inventive ways to build work that is feasible for the artists and accessible for audiences through a “do-it-ourselves” outlook. Engine Productions was co-founded in the Fall of 2010 by Jenn Brown, Kimberley Drake and Laura Huckle, in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

about the co-founders

All recent BFA Theatre (Acting) graduates, these three women had the desire to share stories, create work, and put their ideas into action. Over too many cups of coffee served in cafes downtown or a friends kitchen, endless chats that filled notes cover-to-cover, and too much excitement about what they love, they decided to create a space to push all of those ideas into one direction- Engine Productions. This is one way that they have decided to share and create. They pride themselves on being able to pool their resources and skills to make innovative, interesting professional theatre by both the emerging and established artists.

They want your stories to be told.

They’ll rehearse in your living room. They’ll sling homemade cupcakes at rock shows and paint sets in their dining rooms. They will get excited about your opinions and tell you that they can help however they can. . . and they mean it. Engine Productions wants you to practice and build your skills. Art is meant to be shared.

EP's founding mothers
(oh, and despite all of the work-  you should have fun while you’re at it!)

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