PaperLESS Program

PaperLESS Programs

As a way to cut back on our resources, help the environment and save money to pay our artists, we have adopted something we call PaperLESS programs. At our shows we’ll have a QR code for you to scan with your smartphone, or follow the website address to visit this page. If we need to, we will print on small cards to share this info, but at least it’s LESS paper! 

While you’re here, find out what we’re up to next and how you can join/support us!
We hope you don’t mind having less in your recycling bins after the show. 

Oh yeah- please remember to turn off your phone before tonight’s performance.
We also appreciate if you do not take any photography during the show as well. Thank you!


You Are Here

short & queer II
The Shape of Things
short & queer
Just to Love


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